For more than half a century the Austrian company AVSTROM has been specializing in the production of bathtubs and other bathroom construction materials made of cast marble. The products include bathtubs, sinks, shower trays, countertops, and windowsills. AVSTROM is already in Armenia. The newly opened factory will allow us to supply the same products to the Armenian buyers at lower prices because now we can avoid extra fees of transportation and customs taxes that add up to the imported products.
The advantages of cast marble are well-known. It is water and temperature-resistant, and insensitive to ultraviolet radiation. It excellently retains heat and reduces noise. The cast marble used by AVSTROM has antibacterial qualities, is resistant to stains and the damaged surfaces are easily restored. The products of AVSTROM are highly recommended by the best hotels, resorts, and private houses that want reliability and aesthetics. The wide color palette includes hundreds of shades, allowing you to achieve the perfect match for your bathroom.
The products of AVSTROM are made only from high-quality European materials. The entire line of products corresponds to European standards of ISO 9001. You can look at our products and buy them by visiting our store or our website. All the products can be customized for any space. We can customize the sizes, colors, and designs according to your needs.


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